Building Earthquake Shake Table

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Make an Earthquake Shake Table Tinker Crate YouTube

8/4/2016 Project kit by KiwiCo: https://kiwico/Test your engineering skills with an earthquake shake table!Subscribe to Tinker Crate and receive awesome STEM-...

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Build Seismic Shake-Up . DESIGN SQUAD GLOBAL PBS

Build a shake table—a device engineers use to simulate the back-and-forth shaking of an earthquake. Design a building that’s stable and sturdy enough to survive an earthquake. Test your building on the shake table and see what happens!

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Earthquake shaking table Wikipedia

There are several different experimental techniques that can be used to test the response of structures and soil or rock slopes to verify their seismic performance, one of which is the use of an earthquake shaking table (a shaking table, or simply shake table). This is a device for shaking scaled slopes, structural models or building components with a wide range of simulated ground motions, including reproductions of recorded earthquakes time-histories.

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Earthquake Shake Table Michigan Technological University

Step 1:Attach the two 2 x 4s to the edges of the plywood with drywall screws and place the ceiling hooks 5” in from the edge of the plywood and centered on the 2 x 4s (Fig. 5). Step 2:After assembly is complete, the table should be secured on top of the base by hooking 2

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Full-Scale Building Tests on World's Largest Earthquake

Full-Scale Building Tests on World's Largest Earthquake Shaking Table Located just north of Kobe in Miki City, Japan, the E-Defense shake table measures approximately 65 by 49 ft. and can support building experiments weighing over two million pounds.

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Earthquake Shaking Building Contest and Shake Table Testing

18/10/2012 Earthquake Shaking -- Building ContestPage 4 of 6 Figure 3. A simple, horizontal motion shake table. Wheels are nylon cabinet or drawer wheels and are attached to the board with “L” brackets, machine screws and nuts. Add masses to the floors and roof

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STEM Design Challenge: Building Earthquake Proof

You are limited to using only the following materials in your actual structure: 10 Pieces of Spaghetti, 20 Marshmallows, and 30 centimeters of Tape. Your building will be considered “earthquake proof” if it can retain its complete structure on the shake table and

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Project Description Earthquake Simulator: Shake Table

Building a shake table that has 4 or 5 degrees of freedom (meaning it can create motion in 5 different ways) is not practical for our purposes because we have time constraints and a budget. Earthquake motion is not a simple motion, it is three dimensional and hard to replicate, so we will be simplifying the motion to a sinusoidal motion in a single direction.

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