How To Build A Portable Sluice

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How to Build a Sluice Box: The 7 Things You Need to Do It

Start creating the frame of your sluice box. If you are using wood, make sure you apply silicone to the edges to prevent water leakage. Lay down the ribbed mat as you first layer in the sluice. Extend it to the bottom tip of the flare but leave ¼ of the bottom part of

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Build your own sluice box YouTube

27/5/2010 How to build your own sluice box.

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Cheap Sluice Box That GETS GOLD : 7 Steps (with Pictures)

Cheap Sluice Box That GETS GOLD: everyone will tell you a small one will drop gold out the back but if you build it right then it wont. this cost around $30 and will

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How to build a cleanup sluice YouTube

20/4/2018 About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features

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How to Make a Sluice Box DIY Build a Homemade Sluice

DIY Sluice Box. Building a sluice box for gold prospecting is a fairly simple project, and is a fun way to spend the winter in preparation for the mining season. Using simple tools, you can design and make your own sluice box, and be prospecting for gold in no time.

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How to Build a Sluice Box Gold Prospecting

How to Build a Sluice Box Learning how to build a sluice box is a fairly straightforward process. A sluice box is essentially a scaled down version of a river it separates the lighter worthless materials from the heavier valuable materials, just like a river does, the difference being that you can take the sluice box out of the river and extract the gold using either a pan and other type

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Making my First Gold Sluice YouTube

8/6/2016 Here I make my first gold sluice out of a truck took box lid.

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Make a sluice box for gold YouTube

28/5/2009 Created on May 28, 2009 using FlipShare.

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Self Feeding Sluice Box! Cool new invention takes the pain

17/10/2017 This is my new "Self Feeding Sluice Box" design in action for its first prototype run, I tested it on gold bearing ground to see how well it works! This new...

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A Recirculating Sluice Box for Gold Prospecting : 10 Steps

It often helps to build a wing dam to divert more of the stream flow into the sluice. Sometimes I have to divert the entire flow of a stream to get enough flow to make the sluice work. It would probably work even better if I took off the spraybar and made some kind of flare at the end to catch more water, but it works reasonably well as is if there is a good flow.

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