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Common Workplace Injuries Suffered by Auto Mechanics

17/8/2015 Mechanics often fall prey to accidents at the workplace due to equipment tip-over, falls, or collapse, and suffer sudden injuries, such as cuts and burns. In fact, contact with objects and equipment, such as automobile parts or tools accounted for around 44.5 percent of all injuries suffered by the mechanics in 2005, according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics .

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Aviation accidents and incidents Wikipedia

The total fatalities due to aviation accidents since 1970 is 83,772. The total number of incidents is 11,164. According to ACRO, recent years have been considerably safer for aviation, with fewer than 170 incidents every year between 2009 and 2017, compared to

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Heavy Trucks: Safety Research Identifies Factors That Lead

Heavy Trucks: Safety Research Identifies Factors That Lead To Loss Of Control, Accidents Date: September 3, 2008 Source: Inderscience Summary: Research carried out in

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Heavy Equipment Accidents SAFTENG

Category: Heavy Equipment Accidents Published: 26 April 2012 Hi Bryan, These two incidents occurred in two separate coal mines in central XXXXXXXX just over 12 months ago. The first of the two is the result of when people do not park in designated

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Workplace risks faced by mechanics and automotive

6/5/2019 If auto mechanics is your line of work, working with caustic chemicals and heavy equipment will be only some of the safety hazards you will face at work. Your employer may not prioritize employee safety, but there are steps you can take to protect yourself.

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Human Body Mechanics, Ergonomics and the workplace

Human Body Mechanics, ergonomics and the Workplace This material was produced under a Susan Harwood Training Grant #SH-24896-13-60-F-6 from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, U.S. Department of Labor. It does not necessarily reflect the

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Workplace safety manual handling injuries Better Health

weight of an object a heavy load may be difficult to lift and carry location of an object heavy objects that have to be lifted awkwardly, for example above shoulder height or from below knee level duration and frequency increasing the number of times an object

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Reporting an incident at work business.gov.au

you record incidents in an incident log (for insurance purposes). If an employee has a work-related injury or illness, they may make a workers' compensation claim. You must have current and adequate workers’ compensation insurance so your employees can access medical treatment, rehabilitation, and wages until they can work again.

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Are You Loading and Unloading Construction Equipment

Most of the incidents involving engineers (mechanics) occurred during maintenance (66.7%). The main causes of these mechanic-related incidents were identified as using hand tools and slips/trips.

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