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Environmentally responsible logistics systems Emerald

With environmental impact considered, many traditional trade‐off decisions need to be re‐evaluated. Provides examples in which innovative and environmentally‐friendly logistics ideas are used. Also discusses two system‐wide logistics elements, transportation and reverse logistics, that can have a profound impact on a firm′s environmental protection programme.

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Google Environmental Insights Explorer Make Informed

Environmental impact begins with insights. Explore data to make informed decisions and inspire action.

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Consultation Environment European Commission

Environment Environmental Impact assessment Target group(s) All citizens, stakeholders and organisations involved in environmental impact assessments (of plans, programmes or projects) are invited to respond to the public consultation.

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Environmental impact assessment of online advertising

1/11/2018 A practical framework for assessing the environmental impact of any Internet service • Online advertising consumed between 20.38 to 282.75 TWh of energy and 11.53 159.93 million tons of CO 2 e was emitted to produce the electricity consumed.Invalid traffic

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Effect of environmental changes on vegetable and legume

26/6/2018 nutritional quality. Environmental changes, including climate change, land degradation, water scarcity, and biodiversity loss that are predicted to become more profound in the 21st century pose significant challenges to global agriculture, food security, and nutrition.

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The Impact of Environmental Management on Firm

Impact of Environmental Disaster Movies on Corporate Environmental and Financial Performance 8 January 2021 Sustainability, Vol. 13, No. 2 Sustainable development news and stock market reaction: Evidence from the 2017 Newsweek Green Ranking release

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A Method to Measure the Environmental Impact of

The Environmental Impact Quotient (EIQ) is a formula created to provide growers with data regarding the environmental and health impacts of their pesticide options so they can make better informed decisions regarding their pesticide selection. The original paper introducing and describing the EIQ was written by members of the NYS Integrated Pest

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Environmental Impacts of Wild Caught Cod and Farmed

1/1/2006 The objective of this study was to assess environmental impacts of Norwegian cod fishing and salmon farming and compare these with chicken farming in order to find reference levels for environmental performance and identify problem areas and potentials for improvements. A Life Cycle Screening following the production of 0.2 kg fillets as a functional unit through the respective food

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Sustainability Free Full-Text Impact of Industry 4.0 on

Industry 4.0 is a concept that originated from the German industry, and whose essence is the use of technology for efficient production. In business today, the emergence of Industry 4.0 for production, and its related technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and cyber-physical systems, amongst others, have, however, a negative impact on environmental sustainability as a result of air

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Environmental Microbiology Wiley Online Library

Environmental Microbiology Environmental Microbiology Reports Microbial Biotechnology Open access Join SfAM sfam.uk Journal list menu Journal Articles Actions Tools Follow journal

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