Where Platinum Is Found

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The Top Platinum Producing Countries In The World

7/7/2016 Platinum is one of the rarest metals. About 97% of the world's total platinum comes from one of five countries: the United States, Canada, Zimbabwe, Russia and South Africa. Platinum is found deep underground, mostly in nuggets or grains and is usually alloyed with other metals.

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Where is Platinum Found? SD Bullion

World Platinum Supply by Region. Platinum is surprisingly not mined in many nations around the world, and the vast majority of all platinum supplies comes from one region (southern Africa). Platinum is mostly mined in South Africa (+70%), followed by Russia, Zimbabwe, Canada,

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Where is platinum found? BullionByPost

Most platinum mining takes place in South Africa, with the Southern Hemisphere nation responsible for 80% of the world's platinum production. The Bushveld region accounts for the majority of South Africa's output. Other large platinum mines are in the Chocó Department of Colombia, the Ural Mountains in Russia and Ontario in Canada.

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Where Is Platinum Found

USA. Where is Platinum Found : Nye, Montana is the primary source of PGM’s in the USA. Platinum and other pgm’s are found in the ‘J-M reef’ located in the Boulder mines. Latest reports state that 3/4 of the pgm’s extracted from this site are in fact Palladium with the remainder being mainly Platinum.

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Geology of Platinum Properties, Mining, and Formation of

2 天前 Where is Platinum Found on Earth? A majority of the world’s platinum comes from South Africa, with Russia supplying the second highest yields, and Colombia the third. The gold bearing sands of these three countries provides the ideal geological conditions to recover this very rare metal.

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Platinum Minerals Education Coalition

Platinum is found in its pure native form or in platiniridium, a natural alloy of platinum and iridium. Platinum is present in thin sulfide layers in certain mafic igneous bodies and is mined in Canada, Russia, South Africa, the USA, Zimbabwe and Australia. Some platinum is obtained as a by-product of copper and nickel processing.

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Where was platinum found? Answers

Platinum was first mined commercially in South Africa.But it is found in various amounts in gold ores, so that yellow gold in ancient Egypt contains platinum, and white gold in pre-Columbian...

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where is platinum found? Yahoo Answers

13/12/2006 Platinum is found in grains or flakes. In the United States, we get platinum when copper and gold are processed. It is mined in South Africa, Russia, Columbia, Alaska, and Canada.

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How was platinum found? Answers

platinum is a very rare metal. some has been found in the earth's crust, Ural mountains in Russia and Columbia. technically platinum isn't made but found chemically uncombined. then mined out....

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